Vapour Barrier Liners

Vapour Barrier Liners

Our team of Geomembrane Technicians can also determine whether a separate vapour barrier is required for your system. This depends on the type of construction, intended use and the climate of the location.

If large temperature differences exist between environments, there is potential for condensation of water vapour within the frame. Excess moisture created by water vapour can lead to potentially irreparable structural damage such as rusting and decay. This can be prevented with the installation of a vapour barrier.

At Aeramix, we use the Puraflex geomembrane to ensure the highest standard of vapour barrier protection. Typically, vapour barriers are positioned on the warm side of all infill insulation material. In areas subject to high winds, we recommend ventilation between the cladding and the vapour barrier.


Puraflex is a highly resistant polymeric geomembrane used for vapour barrier control.

  • Puraflex reduces the risk of contamination from hydrocarbon VOCs, toxic waste and natural and radioactive gases.
  • Comprehensive Chemical Resistance data for over 200 hydrocarbons and toxic chemical contaminants indentified in Environmental Risk Assessments.
  • It’s specifically engineered for contaminated land, water resource and groundwater protection and secondary containment installations.
  • Puraflex provides an exceptional level of containment and steadfast protection for buildings, water resources and the environment.