Technical Services & Innovation

When Process Performance Matters

Aeramix TSI applies a holistic approach engaging all stakeholders to ensure a thorough understanding of the project. Discovery workshops are encouraged to drive in house knowledge sharing and innovation. This approach ensures the project scope, purpose and deliverables are better understood by all the stakeholders. Solutions developed are more robust and built with the input of the entire knowledge bank of your team. On Site assessment of process options ensures solutions developed are tested and verified prior to detailed design, minimizing the use of assumptions leading to over­engineering, reducing risk and whole of life cost (capital and operational) while providing confidence in the process outcomes and performance.

Our Technical Services and Innovation Include:

  • Field and laboratory trials plus computer simulations
  • Water/wastewater treatment chemical optimization
  • Whole of system process reviews
  • Research & development
  • Concept & detailed design
  • Emergency response process trouble­shooting
  • Management system development (EMS/QMS)
  • Innovation and technology development


The Aeramix TSI investigation phase is a collaborative, engaging process involving all necessary stakeholders and has a strong focus on understanding the problem, desired outcome and deliverables. Thorough investigation of the issues impacting a project including matters on operation, compliance and community is the first step to any successful project.

Technically and financially there is never just one solution and Aeramix excel at finding innovative, cost effective solutions our counterparts rarely contemplate. The Aeramix approach always ensures that subsequent development of solutions comply with the scope and capability of the client’s requirements.


Once a thorough understanding of the requirements is reached, a physical scope of work is established and an assessment of appropriate options begins. The TSI assessment stage involves a combination of desktop and field based activities depending on the nature of the project. Potential process improvements and upgrade options are assessed and checked against the client’s capacity to implement.

A shortlist is established for further development and in collaboration with the client the logic behind the selections is examined until all aspects are understood. This approach facilitates effective client engagement and ensures local expert knowledge is incorporated into subsequent project stages. The assessment stage is critical to providing an opportunity for creative thought, sharing ideas and the development of innovative solutions.


A strong focus on field assessment and testing of options is a key point of difference in our approach to concept design development and the delivery of projects. This is where the Technical Services aspect kicks in as we undertake real time field trials of process options at both laboratory and pilot scale.

This informs our design team of exact requirements and eliminates the need for unproven engineering assumptions. This approach can lead to reduced costs and streamlined operational processes. At the testing stage verification of chemical configuration and physical requirements of a process also occur.

Data generated in the live testing environment provides accurate and real information that our designers use for development. Theories are tested and proven, and so hidden surprises can be avoided when the process is scaled up. The complexity of water and its behaviour under different environmental conditions means there is no “one size fits all” solution! As such there is an intrinsic need to test in order to guarantee performance and deliver true value to our clients.


Armed with the right data, the TSI team then develops the design specifications. Improvement options are assessed for their individual impact and prioritised with implementation of those that are expected to provide the greatest value for investment at the top of the list.


Aeramix TSI utilises an extensive network of suppliers and technology to identify the ‘best fit’ and most economical solution. Aeramix specialist teams collaborate during the implementation phase. The Aeramix Infrastructure Integration team provides the capacity to deliver projects of any size. When working together in a brownfields environment TSI takes on the role of process protector, ensuring works are scheduled and contingencies developed to maintain process performance during the project.

TSI provides support operations staff to assist with increased monitoring and operational requirements. When creating a greenfield project from concept to completion, Aeramix TSI leads the design and development phases and Aeramix Infrastructure Integration manages the construction. TSI then manages the commissioning, optimisation and proof of performance of the process.


Monitoring of new installations and remote support are essential to ensure the process parameters and control set‐points are managed and optimised. Aeramix TSI establishes a close relationship with operational personnel in order to assure the ongoing success of the project, ensuring any learnings are carried on to the next project.


Continual improvement is considered essential to Aeramix TSI and is incorporated in all work we undertake. Constant assessment, review and open communication is encouraged. Our strategic plan is focused on ensuring we remain at the forefront of the water industry with the client at the forefront of our approach. We seek to engage and collaborate with our clients rather than assume and prescribe.

This enables us to increase our knowledge pool and understanding, gaining exposure to a wider range of ideas. Our client focus and engagement approach helps us to establish lasting relationships that promote creativity and innovation leading to continual improvement and greater value creation.