Hanson’s Wollert Landfill site

In 2013 Aeramix together with our partners Cornfoot Bros. Earthmoving completed the installation of 22,000m2 landfill capping. The cap consisted of a 1.5mm LLDPE membrane, X2000 GCL and a separation geotextile.

In late 2015, Landfill Cell 10 has just been constructed at the quarry site and the Aeramix Geosynthetics team led by Michael Sewell has recently completed the project. Layers of GCL, smooth and textured HDPE liners and geotextiles totalling 35,000m2 was used to line the landfill cell. To ensure perfect welding conditions our project team elected to work at night under lights. This ensured that harsh summer conditions did not interfere with the work. It’s been a successful team effort working together with our partners Cornfoot Bros. Earthmoving on multiple projects at this site.
Hanson's Wollert Landfill Site