Etheridge Shire Council

Aeramix were engaged by Etheridge Shire in October 2014 to investigate and deliver a treatment facility to rectify concerns with town water which had high levels of iron and manganese which led to significant staining of the water. A very tight delivery timeframe was imposed and intensive on site assessment of the process options were carried out.

“Out of the box” thinking, one of Aeramix TSI’s strengths, was demonstrated in this project. Investigation and pilot testing of an innovative filter media, embedded with a catalyst that promoted the precipitation and removal of the contaminants was the result. This project was recognised at the 2015 Queensland Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia Excellence Awards for Projects under $1 Million where Aeramix, Etheridge Shire Council and Richmond Shire Council were the winners.
Ethridge Shire Council

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