Croydon Shire Council

The Aeramix team was engaged by Croydon Shire Council to review the water supply system for the township. The extent of the investigation included a limnology study, desktop review for fluoride removal from a bore supply, assessment of current raw water supply options, review of existing infrastructure, pumping systems and chemical dosing processes and assessments of options to improve system performance. The study also sought to provide recommendations in order to further improve system performance in the long term.

After investigations were concluded, it was determined the Croydon WTP facility had the capability to deliver a compliant water supply to the township by making a few important changes at a reasonable cost.

  • Modification of existing Chemical dosing configuration to improve flocculation and filtration processes
  • Modification of PLC programming to improve performance and operation with particular reference to backwash control philosophy
  • Filter refurbishment to improve filter performance
  • Installation of air release valves to maintain maximum flocculation detention
  • Optimization of filter backwash rates
  • Upskill operations staff on the everyday running and optimization of the WTP

A pilot scale assessment of fluoride and arsenic removal was conducted and a report on process options was provided. Croydon Shire did implement many of the Aeramix key recommendations and have seen improved water quality and reduced chemical consumption resulting in operating savings. Aeramix TSI has also been engaged to manage and execute the refurbishment of their six pressure filtration vessels.


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